5 Kibble Alternatives That Pack A Punch

At Knick Knack we're always looking for ways to increase our fresh, gently cooked and raw dog food offerings. We know that choosing the best dog food for our furry friends is a top priority. While kibble is a popular choice, there's a world of delicious and nutritious kibble-ish alternatives to explore. We say kibbl-ish b/c many of these might look like kibble but are considerably less processed and easy for your dog to digest. Here, we've gathered our top 5 favourite kibble alternative dog foods that offer wholesome ingredients, excellent nutrition, and are sure to get tails wagging in Toronto and beyond. We offer free delivery on each of these brands in the local Toronto area. Subscribe to recurring deliveries and save 5% on all future food deliveries.

1. Smack 

Smack dog food is a standout option for those who want to provide their dogs with a raw alternative, whole-food diet without the hassle of preparing it themselves. Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, Smack offers dehydrated meals that retain the nutrients of fresh foods. Lightly cooked for a split second then air dried allows the food to keep in all its nutrients. Just look at the ingredient label, nothing but pure foods. Your pup will love the variety of flavors, and you'll appreciate the convenience.

2. Carna4

Carna4 is known for its commitment to using only whole-food ingredients, no synthetics, and minimal processing. Their recipes are baked, not extruded, to preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients. You can find a range of Carna4 dog food options to cater to your dog's specific needs, all with high-quality ingredients that prioritize health and taste.

3. Grand Cru 

If you're in search of an alternative to traditional kibble that retains the benefits of raw feeding, Grand Cru dehydrated dog food could be your answer. This minimally processed option includes a variety of meat sources and is designed to maintain the goodness of raw food while being shelf-stable. It's a convenient way to offer your pup the natural goodness of raw meals.

4. All Good Gently Cooked 

All Good Gently Cooked dog food is perfect for pet owners who want the benefits of home-cooked meals without the time and effort. Their gently cooked dog food is made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and cooked at lower temperatures to preserve nutrients. You can trust that your dog is getting a meal as close to homemade as possible.

5. Farmina 

Farmina offers a unique approach to dog nutrition with its ancestral grain and grain-free formulas. Their recipes feature high-quality ingredients and a focus on animal proteins. Whether your dog prefers grains or a grain-free diet, Farmina provides excellent options that are designed to support your dog's well-being. Farmina's cold infusion technology allows for minimal processing resulting in the food retaining its nutritional value. While it might look like your traditional kibble its considerably easier on the dogs stomach. A personal fav!

10-25-50% Rule

We're huge fans of what we at Knick Knack call the 10-25-50% rule of fresh foods or kibble alternatives. We understand that some of the brands in this article might cost a bit more than your regular kibble therefore we often suggest mixing in some on of these brands in with your existing kibble. Just 10% or more of any of the kibbles above will add considerable nutritional value to their diet while not straining the wallet. Overtime as you see the benefits increase it to 25 or 50%. 

How to Make the Switch

Transitioning your dog to a kibble alternative may require a gradual shift to prevent any digestive upset. Start by mixing a small amount of the new food with your dog's current diet and gradually increase the ratio of the new food over a week or two. This allows your dog's tummy to adjust to the new flavours and ingredients.

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