Amongst Rising Costs You Can Save On Your Pets Food

Like pretty much everything else in the world, the cost of pet care, particularly dog food, has seen a noticeable increase. Knick Knack Paddywhack was founded on the principles of providing premier nutrition without breaking the bank is paramount. We wanted to explore the challenges of increasing dog food costs and share a few savvy ways to save, as well as emphasis the convenience of a free Toronto dog food delivery service.

Several factors contribute to the surge in dog food prices, including inflation, increased demand for premium ingredients, and the rising costs of production and transportation. While everyone wants the best for their pets, managing these escalating expenses requires a strategic approach.

Knick Knack's savings tips.

  1. Buy Bigger: In the dog world everything gets cheaper as the bags get bigger. Price per pound is considerably lower on the medium and larger bags of dog food. In some cases the small 3/4lb bags of dog food can be upwards of 40% more per pound then larger bags...eep. 

  2. Explore Affordable Brands: Quality doesn't always equate to high prices. Exploring reputable brands like Fromm and Go! that prioritize nutrition without the hefty price tag might reveal hidden gems available at more affordable rates. The downside is you'll see more meal than meat in these products which while not ideal isn't necessarily a horrible thing. Substituting some high meat protein treats like bully sticks and pigs ears will help balance this.

  3. Loyalty Programs: Many pet stores offer loyalty programs that provide discounts, cashback, or even free products after a certain number of purchases. Joining these programs can contribute significantly to long-term savings.

Amidst the challenge of rising costs, our free Toronto dog food delivery service stands out as a beacon of convenience and savings. Here's how it can help navigate the current landscape:

  1. Time is Money: The free delivery service ensures that pet food comes with no additional delivery charges. Enjoy the convenience of having premium dog food brought directly to your doorstep without compromising your budget. Let us do the heavy lifting.

  2. Scheduled Deliveries: Take advantage of flexible delivery schedules. Whether needing monthly, bi-weekly, or custom-tailored deliveries, the service adapts to preferences, ensuring pets never miss a meal.

  3. Savings on Regular Deliveries: Embrace the ease of recurring deliveries and save 5% on select brands.