Budget-Friendly Dog Food Delivery Options In Toronto

Inflation is still high and it seems like prices keeps going up. Knick Knack Paddywhack understands this and we want to help by offering 5% off recurring dog food deliveries in Toronto. For more details visit our delivery page here

That being said ensuring your dog enjoys a well-balanced and high-quality diet doesn't have to break the bank. Many pet owners are discovering that cost savings on premium dog food brands are not only out there but also essential for maintaining both their pup's health and their budget. Before purchasing online we suggest taking a look around as prices may differ as some companies may inflate their selling cost or hide costs into their "discounts'. 

Lets take at a few brands we offer in-store and online for local Toronto delivery.

1. Fromm: Tried tested and true.

Fromm Family Foods has long been synonymous with premium dog nutrition. Known for their commitment to quality ingredients and family-owned ethos, Fromm offers a range of formulas catering to different life stages and dietary needs. While Fromm is considered a high-end brand, savvy shoppers can find ways to make it more budget-friendly. For the best savings from Fromm take we suggest looking at their Gold line.

Subscribe and save. As mentioned earlier Knick Knack provides delivery subscription options with a 5% discount on all recurring food/treat deliveries. Set up a subscription for regular Toronto deliveries, and enjoy both convenience and cost savings.

2. Acana: Premium Nutrition at a Practical Price

Acana has earned a reputation for crafting biologically appropriate diets using fresh, regional ingredients. While it falls into the premium category, there are strategic ways to make Acana more affordable without compromising on its nutritional benefits.

Acana offers a variety of formulas, each tailored to specific needs. For the best savings we suggest their Healthy Grains line and/or their regular Adult Chicken formula.

Similar to Fromm, we offer a 5% discount of regularly scheduled dog food and treats deliveries.

3. Go!: Quality Dog Food for Less

Go! Solutions by Petcurean is a brand that combines premium ingredients with affordability. Known for their commitment to pet health and well-being, Go! offers a range of recipes designed to address specific dietary requirements.

Take advantage of sales. While many premium brands don't do regular sales, Go! has been known to discount their prodcuts. Keep an eye on our instagram or site where we'll announce any sales.

Providing Premium Nutrition on a Budget

Ensuring your dog enjoys the nutritional benefits of top-tier brands like Fromm, Acana, and Go! doesn't have to strain your budget. By employing strategic shopping tactics, such as buying in bulk, exploring different formulas, and taking advantage of our subscription discounts, you can feed your dog without compromising quality or financial prudence.

Visit any of our 3 Toronto store locations where any of our sales associates is happy to discuss these and more options with you.