Top 5 Premium Brands We Deliver In Toronto

As a devoted pet owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend, and that starts with their diet. Fortunately, Knick Knack Paddywhack has an array of high-quality dog food brands available for local Toronto delivery. We're often asked what our fav brands are so lets explore the top 5 dog food brands that you can have delivered right to your doorstep. Remember that with Knick Knack you can set up scheduled recurring food deliveries and save 5% off future food deliveries. Additionally all of these brands have a loyalty program.

1. Acana

Acana is a brand renowned for its commitment to providing biologically appropriate diets for dogs. Their recipes are packed with fresh, regional ingredients, including meat, organs, and cartilage. With an emphasis on meat content and limited carbohydrates, Acana's range of dog food is sure to satisfy even the most discerning canine palate. Plus, it's readily available for delivery in Toronto.

2. Orijen

Orijen is another champion in the world of dog food, known for its emphasis on high-protein, grain-free formulas. Its hard to beat the protein punch that Orijen packs. With a variety of recipes inspired by your dog's natural diet, Orijen ensures your pup gets the best ingredients for optimal health and well-being. Enjoy the convenience of having Orijen delivered to your door in the heart of Toronto.

3. Open Farm

Open Farm is all about transparency and sustainability. They source their ingredients from family farms and fisheries that meet high ethical and quality standards. With a focus on clean, nutritious meals, Open Farm offers a range of options for dogs with various dietary needs. We can deliver Open Farm directly to your front door, ensuring your dog eats well while supporting responsible farming practices.

4. Fromm

Fromm is a family-owned company that has been producing premium dog food for generations. Their commitment to quality and nutrition is evident in their recipes, which are formulated with real meat, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fromm's diverse product line provides options for dogs with different dietary requirements and sensitivities. Visit the Fromm page linked above to schedule a local delivery today.

5. Tollden Farms Raw Dog Food

For pet owners looking to provide a raw diet for their dogs, Tollden Farms offers an excellent solution. They specialize in raw dog food, which can have numerous health benefits, including shinier coats and improved digestion. With a variety of raw dog food options available for delivery, you can ensure your pup enjoys the advantages of a raw diet without leaving your Toronto home.

These top 5 dog food brands encompass a variety of dietary preferences and philosophies, ensuring that pet owners have access to quality nutrition options for their beloved dogs. Whether you prefer biologically appropriate, grain-free, sustainably sourced, or raw dog food, these brands have you covered. Embrace the convenience of having these exceptional brands delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to provide your furry friend with the very best. Your dog's health and happiness will thank you!

Visit us in-store or email us directly with any further questions you may have. We're happy to help.