Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food
Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

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Wild Rockfish, Wild Herring, Pumpkin*, Coconut Flour*, Spinach*, Mango*, Apple*, Parsley*, Pineapple*, Turmeric*, Tocopherols*. That's it!

*Indicates Certified Organic Wild pacific fish is bone-in and whole, including beneficial organs.


Smack's raw dehydrated superfoods provide scoop and serve convenience! Smack pet food is a complete and balanced holistic raw food diet, based on traditional raw diets with added functional organic super-foods. Smack, doesn't add any synthetic vitamins or minerals to their food -- because everything a dog or cat needs is actually in the food used in our recipes.

Smack provides pets with the absolute best, in terms of high-quality nutritional benefits -- all Smack recipes use bone-in meat, organs, and organic produce and this results in recipes being so well-balanced, they typically alleviate various health conditions for many, many pets! A huge bonus for allergy-suffering pets is that those issues typically disappear once on a Smack diet. Better breath, enthusiastic appetite (especially for picky eaters), more energy and vitality, along with smaller poops.

Key Benefits

  • Raw diet benefits: Convert picky eaters, nip those allergies, reduce trips to the vet and improve overall health. Yes, a raw diet can do all that and more.
  • Organic superfood ingredients: No fillers, gluten or grain, and no synthetic vitamins and minerals. Only organic, all-natural good stuff.
  • Made in Canada: Nearly all of our organic ingredients (from our meats and wild-caught fish to our produce) are very proudly Canadian!
  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages

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