Zaytoon Olive Wood Dog Chew

Zaytoon Olive Wood Dog Chew

Zaytoon Olive Wood Dog Chew

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Zaytoon Olive Wood Chews are naturally harvested from close-grained olive trees. They are graded, dried, sanded & treated with olive oil to create a durable, safe, and satisfying chew toy for your best friend!

SAFE TO DIGEST They do not splinter! Instead, the olive wood comes away in soft pieces that are safe to gnaw and digest. 

100% NATURAL Other than the olive wood itself, olive oil is the only added ingredient.

MINERALS The Olive Wood Tree is naturally rich in beneficial minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium.

DENTAL HYGIENE Olive Wood chews help maintain strong teeth and healthy gums.

LONG LASTING Due to the density of the wood, they devour slowly allowing a long-lasting chew.

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